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We are a X-Ray clinic located in Toronto Ontario, at the intersection of Queen St West and Roncesvalles Ave.

Our technicians are experienced, friendly and strive to provide an efficient and relaxed appointment. We also provide services in three languages: English, Arabic and Urdu. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



An X-Ray exam is a non-invasive exam that allows physicians to create images of the inside of the body. X-Ray radiation moves through low density parts of the body and is absorbed by the high density parts, such as bones. These high density areas appear white on the x-ray image so that physicians can study them.

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An Ultrasound exam allows physicians to create images of the inside of the body. Soundwaves are passed through the body. Each part of the body reflects a different echo that the Ultrasound machine interprets and creates an image with.

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Mammography uses low dose X-rays to diagnose the inside of the breast. It is particularly useful for detecting early signs of cancer.

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Bone Density

A Bone Density test makes an assessment of the strength of a patient's bones.

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An Echocardiogram is an image of a patient's heart. It uses soundwaves to create images of the inner chambers, valves and vessels of the heart for precise diagnoses.

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